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Is It Health Food?

Today is labor day, 2011. I spent two night last week in the hospital after they found from blood tests that I had no phosphorous in my system. I am home and feeling much better. Foods high in phosphorous include nuts, dairy (ice cream), potatoes and who knows what else. My ability to taste has changed and is not like most normal people, my new normal includes a love of different textures and different temperatures. A big bowl of ice cream with nuts offers creamy, cool crunchiness. Is it health food? It is if you’re low on phosphorous, which happily, I am not.

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A Gift to Myself

8/4/2010  This is Teisha sending an email to finally and officially announce the existence of a blog written by me and available for you to read anytime you’d like, or not at all.

This blog is a gift to me, having a place to explain, express and examine my life as it moves ahead curling this way and that around the unexpected circumstances of my sometimes wary but wonderful life.

In the midst of regular day-to-day living, coupled with a quirky and unrelenting share of laughs and more than a few expressions felt in the nature of “Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.” I write this blog as way to navigate this current cancer highway with my look at this matter of fact, it is what it is life experience.

The posts in this blog will not be in any sort of chronological order. Each will have a date in the title to indicate when it was originally written. Working has been a genuinely gratifying experience. My highest hope today is to add a new post to the site on a weekly basis, probably on Wednesdays, don’t ask me why.

In addition to offering up some of the perspective gained from life from cancer-camp-ground-zero there will also be words about the other parts of my life including; an intense affection for people and places and dogs and music and houses and music and books and food and fun. I mentioned music twice, on purpose I suppose.

You receive this today because I consider you a known entity of support and humor and hopefulness; as a friend, family member or someone I am glad to know. While my goal is to give myself a way to write about life, in order to cope with some of what is hard to believe, the process of writing whether it is of interest to anyone else or not, is cathartic.

My thanks to my mom for her unwavering, unconditional love, for all of my family, my step dad and friends and fellow cancer survivors and musicians and Realtors and early middle-aged persons and kids and elderly folks who show me  what it means to be loved and to love life. Thanks also to my Nurses, Doctors, Ex-boyfriends, Dentist, Veterinarians, Chefs, Writers, Teachers, Massage therapists and my ever loving dogs. Here we go!


Here’s To Life’s Lessons

For better or for worse, for me, having a plan helps. I know my life is on the line. Some moments wash over me and I ask for Mercy. This morning after asking for Mercy came the impulse to open the book I started reading today and it left me feeling hopeful. Excited even. Capable at least.

Here’s to life lessons and learning and creativity and science, and friends and sunshine and babies and dogs and avocado and music and photographs and tissue paper and guitar pics and slippers and grapes and wish lists and high hopes and songs and flowers and trains and planes and automobiles and sand and water and soap and glasses and healthy cells and laughs and jokes and wind chimes and the robust sense of smell coming from the street.


Style, She Had Her Own

Visiting a Parisian patisserie.

Teisha Paris shoes 133


I Wish We Were in Paris Again

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Five Birthdays

It’s how I measure the time.  Counting birthdays.  Exploring Teisha’s laptop to see what writing will open and be fit for the day.  Looking at photos in hope that something new will appear.  She remains ageless and beautiful.

Teisha’s Mom,

“As I come “back to my life” I do hope to give as much as I have been given. To show through my actions, the joy I feel for all the love I felt. You are more amazing than you think you are. I would not have made it without you.”   She wrote on 1/2/2009.  An excerpt “From Teisha About Her Journey,” something you will see in the future.

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Teisha’s Place Benefit Concert on April 27, 2016

Teisha ProfileThanks to you special special people for attending the benefit concert for Teisha’s Place on April 27, 2016.

the music by Michael Allan Harrison, who generously donated his time and talent, was exceptional and song Calling on Angels was beautiful.  We were also joined by the Preciado family — the first family to stay at Teisha’s Place.

For more information on Teisha’s Place you can go to:

Thanks, Teisha’s Mom

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