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Write Write Write

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Write write write Lyrics lyrics lyrics do what comes naturally and forget the rest. forget the rest do what and only what you know you do best hold a blank page next to you. this is what you do. 1999. From one of 50+ notebooks that she left. Today marks eight years since she died on September 29, 2011.

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Chapter One

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Chapter One   For me, growing up, among the deeply frightening list of things that could possibly ever really befall me, in my semi-precious state of seemingly infinite invulnerability, with dire and certain-death circumstances, getting Cancer was very, very, very close to the top of the list. I felt so deeply sorry for people with cancer and also profoundly fascinated with how they actually did it. That is, live that way. Knowing- in the way only people who have Cancer must know- that they are going to die one day. For sure. For me,...

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Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big?

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On my last visit to the Oncology clinic up on the hill, the sky was full of blue and the curving stone path leading there was lined with Azalea bushes sweeping up and around to the front entrance of the Physician’s Pavilion. The front doors open automatically into the lobby. Taking a left down the wide hallway pressing through another set of double doors I am, once again, in the light, southwest facing waiting room with its wall full of windows, the Bone Marrow Transplant Clinic at the Center for Hematological Malignancies at prestigious...

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Millions of Bands

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There is no official count. This is not the kind of thing that the Census Bureau thinks to ask but it seems to be no great exaggeration to say that there are, in this country alone, millions of bands. Millions of bands with posters, web sites, email lists, demo cds and rubber tree-type-hopes for a pay check at the end of a roaring set that leaves the audience breathless and panting and inspired. Millions of bands with songs and the carefully cultivated look they put together for their press packs intended to give the impression that they are...

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Put Your Dreams Inside My Window

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If I could just freeze this moment in time then I would be fine, I would be fine, fine fine Put your dreams inside my window Nestle all those sheep to bed Even when you cannot see it, there is more of you to spend More of you to spend More of you to spend

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Birthday Party 8/8/10   The week of August 1st through the 8th was full of memorable moments on hot summer days. There were fevers and examinations and songs sung to babies and Junior mints and red roses and introduction to kind ER doctors and a check up where piles of skin and wax were vacuumed out of ears as I watched in wonder on the TV in the small, comfortable office of the ear man who took out the blocks that had been clouding out sound. There was an afternoon spent with the aforementioned parents for an hour or two. This was the...

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Not. Remember that?

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My first bone marrow biopsy took place in last room down the hall at the local hospitals’ somber cancer clinic. I had been officially diagnosed by telephone the previous Friday afternoon. Monday morning was the soonest we could meet with the doctor. My blood ran cold all weekend waiting for the empty lobby room of Dr. Jan. We had our awful meeting, I felt so sorry for her. She seemed like a very nice woman in her late 30’s, who felt really badly about having to explain this new diagnosis to me. I wasn’t helping matters. I think I may...

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Big Bold Cherries

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Big bold cherries And rocks in the road A whole heart embracing All that it won’t know Abandoned but lovely a matter of fact she’ll take what she gets and not give it back it could be worse, couldn’t it put those pants on send love to the genius who you know is gone   G B7          C             B7          C B7          C             B7          C G            Am         G            E7 G            D           ...

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Notes From My Road Less Traveled

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Notes from my road less traveled How are you doing? Have you been wondering the same of me?  What happened to that Realtor I used to know?  I’m writing from my road less traveled, from a life full of changes and new experiences and challenges.  I’ve been thinking about writing to you for sometime. Leaving my real estate career after so many years was scary.  And it stayed scary for a pretty long time.  Every morning I woke up wondering what I had done, what I was doing and what was I was going to do.  I have heard it said making a...

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This Too Shall Pass

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I woke up this morning to a blue sky and a sour mind. My life is so different than it was “supposed” to be. I feel like a failure, I’ve spent so many years thinking about and navigating the ups and downs of a diagnosis and then treatment and then the side effects of treatment while bearing a true positive outlook. I’ve taken all kind of drugs with the hope of not only feeling better but also of not succumbing to some infection taking advantage of the “compromised immune system” which is mine to have and hold. I’ve spent so much...

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