There is no official count. This is not the kind of thing that the Census Bureau thinks to ask but it seems to be no great exaggeration to say that there are, in this country alone, millions of bands.

Millions of bands with posters, web sites, email lists, demo cds and rubber tree-type-hopes for a pay check at the end of a roaring set that leaves the audience breathless and panting and inspired.

Millions of bands with songs and the carefully cultivated look they put together for their press packs intended to give the impression that they are casually hanging around rail road tracks and grassy knolls.

And when you start to think of it in terms of just sheer numbers, while it is sincerely exciting to know the world if full up with music makers, if you’re one of them, and you believe what they’re teaching in Economics courses everywhere – you know how steeply, deeply the supply of original music must exceed demand even if the whole gave up Television for the rest of the decade and dedicated themselves to the ingestion of copious amounts of music – there would still be more than enough to go around. Daunting, isn’t it.

Still. Millions of bands across the country and we are just one. Doesn’t this make us One in a Millions? Why, indeed it does. And, look-ee here- the latte is still half full.

Stiff competition aside, here’s from the world of Amelia band. One of a million.

amelia photo shoot feb 06 015

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