We encourage you to find more of  Teisha’s writing at the blog http://betterthansleepingalone.typepad.com/my_weblog/

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  1. Love you sweet sister….. God Bless and Rest

  2. I am crushed to hear of Teisha’s passing. For someone I never knew, this hurts like the loss of a loved one. I was (one more time) checking website to see if any possibility I would finally get to see Amelia in the SF Bay Area. I’ve written, offering our home as a place to stay, hoping the band would someday tour our way. I bought Amelia for reasons I can’t even remember years ago and have listened to it endlessly. It stays near at hand, one of the still ‘curent’ cds I keep near the player. I never did file it on shelf. My thoughts to her family, friends, band. For me, I’ll mourn the fact that hearing her sing now carries with it a sadness, and- worse, I’ll never see her do it.

    Love to all who knew her———-Thanks,
    Luke, a random fan in California

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